Monday, February 11, 2008


I really like RSS feeds. I appreciate getting just the latest information on various sources. It can be overwhelming however if you subscribe to too much! I also had a bit of a problem figuring out how to get the blog reader set up so I would get automatic updates. The directions were not very clear. I didn't want to put a link on MY blog so everyone could see what I was reading, rather I wanted a link for myself from my blog so I could check new posts from there. Instead, I just added it to my favorites and will have to remember to check it.

I'm sure I missed something. Still a useful tool, however!


HS Media On A Stick said...

I totally agree that a person has to be careful not to put too many blogs on the reader. If that becomes an overload, then it defeats the purpose. I have gotten some pretty neat ideas from some of the feeds I've added. Good luck with the other 20 things!


LeAnn said...

I have a lot of things on my Reader, but instead of being overwhelmed by it, I have found it a great way to figure out what I want to read. I just scan headlines and maybe the first couple of sentences from posts to figure out where I want to spent my time reading. I subscribe to over 40 library blogs and some 60 odd other things, so I should be overwhelmed, but it's such a great way to watch a lot of things to figure out what I should spend my time reading.

I hope you figure out a system with your RSS reader! If you let me know what reader you're using I can try to help you figure out your questions about it.

LeAnn Suchy
CMLE 23 Things Coach