Monday, June 16, 2008

Thing# 11

Tagging can be useful when you are dealing with many examples of similar pages or references. This reminds me of an electronic thesaurus. Instead of see also, it will pull up all items with similar tags. Very much more user friendly than the Library of Congress Subject headings. Uses "human" language/slang.

Delicious is fabulous. I'm not sure if I want others knowing exactly what I'm bookmarking and tagging, but it is very handy to be able to access your bookmarks from any computer. I will definitely be adding my most used to delicious.


LiberryGrrl said...

I like the tagging too, it can make everyone a cataloger! Although, I also think the tags can get WAY out of hand and lose their meaning. I guess I can see it both ways.

I agree about the Delicious book marking, perhaps I'm a stickler about privacy.

Good to see you here!

LeAnn said...

You can make all your bookmarks in private if you want. When you save them, just check the "do not share" button. I don't share certain bookmarks, like places where I have accounts to things, like a bank or something. So, use the "do not share" option to hide them all if you want.

LeAnn Suchy
CMLE 23 Things Coach