Monday, June 16, 2008

Thing 9

Although I was unable to edit the public document from the 23 Things site, I have used Google Docs in the past to assist with the spreadsheets used in keeping track of who completed which Things with the coaches and multitype directors during the first round of 23 Things. This was very handy when people were in multiple locations throughout the state. It was difficult to work with when more than one person was using the site at a time. I think there would have to be some guidelines set up before editing began. One person may like to sort and change color, etc while another person may like the document set up in a different way. It is nice that changes are documented however. The other problem I see is when multiple users are editing, there needs to be a deadline set when the document can be redownloaded as a final version. There is the potential that changes could be missed if someone brings the document down to their desktop and reloads it if others continue to make changes on the google doc online.

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