Friday, March 21, 2008

Thing# 8

I developed a poor slide show presentation using Thumbstacks. After producing the document, it said I had to log in to save or load. Once I created my account, I was unable to go back to my original document so I had to create it anew. Perhaps, I should have read the site directions first! I was able to save the slide show to my desktop, however when I tried to post it here, it said their was an error. I could see how this would be a very effective tool for presenters who travel to many locations. Most locations do not have the exact same software and many presentations are too big for flash drives, etc. It would be nice to have another backup copy available wherever you are. I will try to work with this a little later. I really have no need for it at this time.

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Schwint23 said...

Apparently my amazing Photo's slideshare that I tried to download worked. I didn't see it at first but now it's there.