Friday, March 21, 2008

Thing #4

I was able to post the CMLE logo to my blog. It wasn't as simple as I thought. I have a couple of pictures in my Flickr account but it seems you have to open Flickr, Bloglines as well as your own blog to upload. I will keep puttering with this.

I think the CSB/SJU idea is great for libraries. Especially, in the event of certain topic studies. Students appreciate getting a view of the covers (even though we shouldn't judge a book by its cover!) as well as seeing if the item is available instantly. I think this may be more user friendly in children's collections. I wonder if circulation will increase with the increased visibility?

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LeAnn said...

I'm the librarian who puts all those books and things on the CSB/SJU Flickr site, and the books do circulate more! I'll put a lot of fun reads on our Clemens Reads shelf, and some will go, but if I take a picture of it and put it on Flickr to get the word out, I can't keep the books on the shelf. People really do love seeing these things.

The same goes for the history photos I put on our Flickr account. Those books are constantly being checked out. We haven't yet done a complete analysis of it, but we can just see that they get checked out a lot after the pictures are unveiled.

I think children would love seeing the covers of the book!

LeAnn Suchy
CMLE 23 Things Coach