Friday, March 21, 2008


Of course, we have all used most of the communication tools listed in this "thing". Email has become the greatest time saver/time waster of all time. When I was first offered an email account, I didn't see the use for it. I didn't know anyone with an email address that I wanted to communicate with. WOW, have things changed! I do not believe I could do my job without the use of email. Almost all of our requests come through email. I also appreciate being able to reply on "my time" rather than by phone where you are interrupted. I also appreciate having written documentation of memo's sent. It is also detrimental with the amount of spam and forwards. The amount of information we receive is often overwhelming.

IMing is a means of instant communication but seems less effective for work use. I don't like having to set up more accounts to IM with people.

I initially thought text messaging was useless. Why not email or call? I do occasionally use text messaging with my daughter because we have prepaid cell phones and it is cheaper to text. I also like the fact that I can text something for them to read after school when they can turn their phones on again. It is very dangerous while driving!

I have taken several MINITEX webinars. These are very useful in that it is very difficult for many educators to get release time and/or substitutes. With the rising costs of fuel, it is nice to be able to sit at your desk rather than driving to specific locations. I'm not certain you get as much out of this content as person to person interaction, but it is very useful. As far as OPAL and other groups, I have seen them in action but never participated in meetings this way.

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