Friday, March 21, 2008


This was really cool. I remember my Grandmother always made puzzles of our school pictures. It is nice to be able to purchase these if you choose too. This is a picture of my daughter in Canada. I bet she would actually enjoy getting this as a puzzle. I think many of these mashups are neat and can apply in various library settings. If only one had a creative mind! I will certainly look into more of these free sites.

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LeAnn said...

That's one thing I wish we could do with Flickr...actually turn some of the mashup items into real items, like your puzzle. I have used some of the big lab tools to make posters, but I then had to take the image and print it myself. I wish there would be a better way to order the poster, but I bet that's coming.

(And, if you do want to make a puzzle out of your own picture, there are tons of places online you could do here:

LeAnn Suchy
CMLE 23 Things Coach